AXA Call to Action


AI, Data and Digital: Powering Enterprise Strategy

Industry experts share valuable insights on how businesses can better leverage advancements in AI, Data and Digital for organizational transformation. Join us at the AXA Call to Action event.


Technology trends that are redefining businesses and operating models – that's the focus of our next AXA Call to Action. Let's examine the role of AI, Data and Digital in powering enterprise strategy. Technology is continuously evolving with advancements in robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and together they have profound impact on business, skill pool and economy.

Our AXA Call to Action will focus on:

  • What is the landscape in India for AI, Data and Digital
  • Skill pool availability
  • Effective data and analytics transformation for organisations

Join industry leaders for an interactive discussion and hear from them on AI, Data and Digital technologies and the opportunity it presents now to companies.

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The event is open only to professionals from AI, Data and Digital functions.