• 2017

AXA Business services launches 'AXA CALL TO ACTION' industry connect program

AXA Business Services has launched the “AXA Call To Action” program, an initiative to allow industry leaders to collaborate ...

AXA BOTS Hackathon: Winner of the AXA BOTS Hackathon is Team Alpha Alloys

The AXA BOTS Hackathon concluded last evening at Hotel Sheraton in Bangalore.

Women as a strategic consumer segment

The socio-economic status of women world over has seen a positive change driven by education, work life, increased income and social status...

Innovative HR Practices

AXA Business Services in association with Times of India (Ascent) organized an industry connect initiative - The Igniters: Redefining employee experience with high impact HR and workforce.

Engaging with the Millennials

Segmentation is key when it comes to planning career development opportunities for Millennials.

Internet of Things: Reimagining the Future of Insurance

The age of connected technologies is here. We have reached a stage where internet can be leveraged to connect different devices...

Inside a customer service center

It's 8:00 am and the floor is abuzz. A team of 65 people are picking their phones to answer customer calls: requests for insurance policies, queries on claims, request for proposals...