Decoding the Talent Acquisition Strategy for Millennials

We recently participated in the 47 th Hindustan Times Shine HR Conclave. Nagarajan V., Head – Human Resources and Communication, AXA Business Services was a speaker in the panel discussion that focused on 'Decoding the Talent Acquisition Strategy for Millennials'.

Other panelists at the event were - R Rajnarayan, Senior VP and Chief Human Resource Officer, Titan Company Limited; Sanjukta Sarkar, Head HR, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle part of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Organization; and Raghavendra K, SVP & Global Head – HRD, Infosys BPO. The panel discussion was moderated by Dr. M.S. Balaji, a HR practitioner.

The discussion focused on increasing engagement with Millennials and providing them an environment of continuous learning.

According to Wikipedia a millennial is described as a person born between early 80s to early 2000s. Nagarajan V. provided an interesting perspective of how Millennials need to be profiled under 3 categories.

  • Those who are new to the corporate world
  • Those who have the exposure to global markets, practices and have the skills for global profile but choose to work in India

According to Nagarajan V., "Segmentation is key when it comes to planning career development opportunities for Millennials. Organisations need to understand the finer socio-psychological differences between Millennials to ascertain their aspirations. For instance, the second category of Millennials mentioned above is more likely to be focused on job security, much like pre-Millennials, vis-à- vis the first category."

Another interesting point that Nagarajan brought up was about 'Millennial-ism' being a state-of- mind. "So it can also apply to anyone who wants instant gratification and want to always be in a connected environment.” 

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