AXA Call to Action: Transforming Finance

Key trends for 2018 and beyond

The 4th edition of the AXA Call to Action was held on April 11, in Pune at Novotel Hotel. The event saw participation from 70+ finance professionals from the industry. Also in attendance were management committee members from AXA Business Services, and other senior leaders from the finance operations team.

The event began with a Finathon in the afternoon which saw finance wizards from the industry come together to present innovative solutions to specific problem statements shared by AXA. Here are the problem statements that were shared with the participants:

  • Name and explain some of the key challenges in accounting and consolidation for companies operating in multiple countries, with disparate accounting systems and platforms, considering the need for timely reporting and compliance? List a few potential solutions to these challenges.
  • Centralized or decentralized Procurement? What works best? List a few advantages/disadvantages for each.
    Please present a case for (or against) 100% PO compliance. What should be the right mix (PO/Non-PO)?

The AXA Call to Action began with an introduction by Nagarajan V, Head Human Resources. He spoke on the genesis of the AXA Call to Action programme and also shared highlights of the Finathon with all.

This was followed by the welcome address by Marielouise Elhabre, CEO AXA Business Services. In her welcome address she spoke about the shift to the digital economy and new operating models, how increasingly there is a need for greater collaboration between finance and IT function and how the people skill landscape for finance is also transforming. Watch the video of her welcome address.

Post the welcome address, the event saw a very engaging panel discussion on Transforming Finance. The panelists were:

  • Arati Desai, Head Business Excellence - Global Delivery Centre, Tata Motors
  • Rajeev Bhide, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Indus Business Advisors LLP and Executive Director, Yen Capital Advisors (P) Limited
  • Viji Narayan, Vice President and Head of Finance, Vodafone Shared Services
  • Srikrishna Madhavan, Head - Finance Operations, AXA Business Services
  • Ravichandran Venkataraman, Founder and CEO, Alive Consulting

Ravichandran, our moderator for the discussion, got the panelists talking on how organisations with a vision to transform will see their finance function becoming a major business partner and how this calls for a change in the following:

  • Operating Model
  • Processes
  • Infrastructure
  • Governance
  • People and Skill Sets

Here are some photographs from the event