Placing innovation at the heart of transformation

AXA start-in program:

This is a global program at AXA aimed at accelerating internal innovation and fostering intrapreneurship among all employees across 64 countries.The ultimate goal of this program is to provide a platform for AXA employees to take their innovations to market quickly. Since the launch of this program, four ideas have already been implemented – app to track the daily activities of elderly people, drones for claim handling, app for deaf customers to stay in touch with AXA Assistance and protection for the sharing economy. More ideas are in the testing phase and will be launched eventually.


Data and digital

AXA Business Services has 15 data scientists besides a team of 300 for broader analytics that includes Actuarial Science, Business Intelligence and Research. This team works on a broad range of area that spans from improving customer experience through market and consumer trend analysis; social media tracking; improving marketing effectiveness through customer segmentation and lead management; risk management through sophisticated technical pricing and process optimization including claims processing, fraud detection and underwriting. Everything comes under the purview of big data and analytics.


AXA labs

AXA Lab is a digital innovation sourcing unit in Silicon Valley and Shanghai. The core focus areas of AXA Lab includes: Fostering digital culture and innovation within the AXA Group; building stronger connections with tech players; detecting trends and identifying potential partnerships with start-ups; and initiating pilots with forward-thinking start-ups.

AXA strategic ventures:

AXA Business Services hosted a workshop on Corporate Responsibility (CR) at its Bangalore office for the AXA India CR Board. The workshop was focused on determining areas of convergence in CR for the different entities and to understand the progress on the AXA Group project in India - ''Where the Rain Falls'' (WthRF) run in partnership with CARE India. WthRF is an initiative that helps adivasi women from vulnerable populations in Chhattisgarh deal with climate change and provides adaptation measures, by addressing issues of water availability, changing crop patterns and alternative vocations.