Internet of Things: Reimagining the Future of Insurance

The age of connected technologies is here. We have reached a stage where internet can be leveraged to connect different devices...

Inside a customer service center

It's 8:00 am and the floor is abuzz. A team of 65 people are picking their phones to answer customer calls: requests for insurance policies, queries on claims, request for proposals...

Women as a strategic consumer segment

The socio-economic status of women world over has seen a positive change driven by education, work life, increased income and social status...

AXA goes blockchain with fizzy

AXA is the first major insurance group to offer insurance using blockchain technology. Discover fizzy, a 100% automated, 100% secure platform for parametric insurance against delayed flights.

Algorithms to treat diabetes? AXA opens a medical informatics chair at the University of Edinburgh

On Monday, January 23, the AXA Research Fund is launching a research chair that will use Big Data to better predict diabetes risk. Professor Helen Colhoun, the chair holder, will work at the University of Edinburgh, whose excellence is genetics and computer science is recognized worldwide.

The first AXA Chair in Greece explores epigenetics

Today at the French embassy in Athens, AXA Greece and the AXA Research Fund announce the launch of the first AXA chair in Greece. Held by Dr. Iannis Talianidis at the Greek...

Smart Cities: Step into the city of the future!

Today, there is no national, international or legal definition of a “smart city.” Its meaning depends on the context and the vantage point of country or stakeholder in question. It also varies due to the diversity of technologies and new volume of data...